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Hey there 👋

Hey, I’m Maurizio, and I’m a software engineer hailing from Italy. My journey in the world of computer science led me to Dublin, where I had the privilege of working with some of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever crossed paths with.

After soaking up the tech scene in Dublin for a solid four years, I decided it was time to pursue my second love – motorcycles. Thankfully, I didn’t have to bid farewell to my awesome team, as I’ve been working remotely ever since I made the move back home.

In this blog, I’ll be dishing out handy tips and nifty tricks I’ve picked up in both the software engineering universe and my adventures on two wheels. Whether you’re a code wizard or a fellow motorcycle enthusiast, I hope you find something here that tickles your fancy.

If you want to reach out or just say hi, you can catch me on social media. Check out the footer for the deets!

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